About us

Deluxe is a renowned name in the field of footwear industry. The company started its journey in 1970 and successfully established its name in 1999. Our customer satisfaction and feedback has always helped us in growing and diversifying. Our hard work has paid off making us one of the leading companies in Pakistan. Highly skilled and loyal professionals of our company focus on engineering process from shoe designing to manufacturing which is evident from our uniqueness and perfection. What keeps us going is research and development department which aids design department to come up with unique design to fit quality standards and client demand. We are committed to provide our customer an innovative design accompanied with durability and comfort. Deluxe holds a prominent place in bringing different variety according to seasons & moods. The production plants acquired by the company are from Main Group Italy, King Steel Taiwan, Tien Kang Taiwan, Strong China and Dalling China, which are world's best footwear technologists and machine makers.